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It started
with a spark

Launched in 2012, MediaSpark was created to realise a vision: To become the leading light among independent media agencies with expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity at its core.

We are proud of where our independence can take us and we will never be held back by corporate agendas.

We are driven by a genuine spirit of curiosity and adventure and strive to create new solutions that help our clients’ brands connect with their audiences.


Our expectations are high - we are forever pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver clients the best and brightest media plans and approaches.

Our passion for what we do is infectious. Working with us spreads a sense of contagious positivity. We maintain an open invitation for our clients to join in, where everyone involved has an active role...... because ours is an idea first and foremost about people, not media channels, styles, or technologies.  It’s about brilliant people, with bright ideas helping brands’ best sides shine through. 

How does working with us work?

We all acknowledge that marketing communication is constantly changing. 


People are more sophisticated, channels more fragmented, and budgets more scrutinised. 

We work collaboratively -  rugby not relay .....  teamwork not baton-passing. 


Working this way helps our clients to meet the expectation for high-quality, relevant conversations with prospects and customers alike, delivered on a day-to-day basis, in real-time as approvals allow, strategically, creatively, and channel smart while continuously optimised. 


In this way, we only make recommendations that are firmly in our client’s interests, and our independent status and spirit leave us free to take the right approach every time.



Innis & Gunn



Case Studies

Lucy Hine - Marketing Manager ★ Innis & Gunn

“We’ve been working with MediaSpark on different campaigns – both Scottish and national. Richard and the team are highly experienced, very easy to work with and passionate about making sure you are able to achieve your goals. They approach every brief with very rigorous, strategic thinking and apply the right level of both research and instinct to help you put together the best schedule to meet your objectives.


Especially in Scotland, their knowledge of the media landscape and media owners is second to none and we have been very pleased with the results we’ve achieved as a result. We feel that they’ve helped us achieve a level of efficiency that wouldn’t have been possible if we’d been working with a larger London agency.


The thing that really sets them apart however is the level of service which you receive which is very dedicated, honest and straightforward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”



Working with a large range of clients across a wide spectrum of sectors, means our in-house team of strategic planners and buyers  have a strong breadth of knowledge, as well as a depth of experience.

Media Strategy

We pride ourselves in building the clearest possible picture of your markets and audiences before we start. We’ll then work closely with you, using the latest research to improve your competitive advantage. Our deep understanding of audience behaviours will spark the bright ideas that'll ensure we deliver results by reaching who you need to at the precise times, places and moments required. 

Media Planning

Modern media planning is audience planning. We factor in what truly influences people into our plans; from seasonality and time of day to lifestyles and digital behaviours. We work with all media channels on a daily basis, using the latest research to build detailed media plans that generate tangible results.

Media Negotiating and Buying

Our strong relationships with media owners give us access to the best deals, formats, innovations, and opportunities as they become available. The positive relationships nurtured with every media supplier ensure a mutual trust that delivers the right economic and operational efficiencies to every deal.

Cost Evaluation

We always go the extra mile to keep costs low, add value and deliver results that move brands and businesses forwards.

What we do

An invitation for businesses to join in.

Our team blends knowledge and experience brilliantly, taking a finger on the pulse approach to stay on top of the constantly emerging developments and opportunities presented by the current media landscape.


The future can indeed be bright. Why not give us a call to find out how bright.

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