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ChangeWorks Recycling



The Challenge

Following a successful pilot, Glasgow City Council announced that it would be rolling out official updates to its trade waste policy for businesses across the city.


In a bid to make the city cleaner, greener and safer, businesses in central Glasgow (G1 and G2 areas) must now hold on to their waste at their premises before putting bins onto the street during a one-hour pre-arranged collection slot…..or face a hefty fine of up to £1,000. 


Almost 30,000 businesses would be directly affected and Changeworks Recycling knew it could offer local businesses an alternative solution.

The Strategy

A multichannel approach to reach our target audience with various touchpoints throughout their day was important to accelerate awareness quickly.  

Targeting efficiency within social and digital display environments alongside the scale offered by outdoor broadcast opportunities, where we knew the target audience helped us to achieve that.  


We chose to get the Changeworks Recycling message out there by creating various ‘touchpoints’ across the city via key arterial routes, including street-level and underground advertisements.


We focused around G1, G2 and the West End of Glasgow – targeting business owners, ensuring a level of frequency which built awareness of the issue and ultimately response.


Within 8-months, Changeworks Recycling saw its year-on-year growth in business sign-ups in Glasgow increase by a staggering 351%.




Head of Marketing ★ Changeworks

“The team at MediaSpark managed our campaign in Glasgow from an early stage. Their knowledge, strategic input and campaign management have been invaluable …. without their direction we wouldn’t have been as successful. The campaign was well managed across different media, they understood our business and put together a comprehensive proposal covering a range of effective media at a surprisingly good cost. We are delighted!”

An invitation for businesses to join in.

Our team blends knowledge and experience brilliantly taking a finger on the pulse approach to stay on top of the constantly emerging developments and opportunities presented by the current media landscape.


The future can indeed be bright. Why not give us a call to find out how bright.

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