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Innis & Gunn


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The Challenge

In April 2020, Innis & Gunn Lager won a listing in all of Lidl’s stores in England.  There was a real need to increase the brand saliency of Innis & Gunn Lager towards a highly targeted audience in the footprint of Lidl stores in England, driving them to these stores to purchase.  


Given the brand and message during the first wave of Covid Lockdown, targeting effectiveness during a time of unusual consumer patterns of behaviour was key. 

The Strategy

★ We geographically ring-fenced all Lidl stores in England, targeting mobile devices seen in Lidl

(backdated 3 months), segmenting visitors on the frequency of visits. 

★ We coupled this with insights from the pixel placed on Innis & Gunn’s website to create further efficiency - raising awareness amongst users who are similar to website visitors and are in the same locations as the store visitors.   

★ Time + Context was essential…the ads we served to Lidl shoppers were based on:

  • When they are going to Lidl to shop (real-time), or 

  • When they are at home (retrospective) planning a shop – continually optimising towards different moments that provide an effective time to reach them.


★ A blend of mobile ad formats was served during key moments, to maximise geographical efficiency.

Right user, right time, right place.  


Innis & Gunn sold out of product in record time in Lidl (England). It was the only activity running to support Lager in Lidl, a new product for this market and one with low salience.


A Sold




2.4m impressions were delivered across 1m unique devices.


Using exposed and controlled segment analysis we could examine the effect the work had on driving people to the store. As a result, those served with our messaging were 3.5 times more likely to go on to visit the store than those who weren’t


3.5 x More Likely To Visit The Store




Cost Per Conversion outperformed forecasts by 77%


Jean Burke - Digital Marketing Manager ★ Innis & Gunn

“….Our Craft Lager sold out in record time.  There was some wonderful internal feedback on the campaign. It was a really good starting block for expanding our range of products south of the border. 


This worked really well in delivering an online-only promotion to drive in-store footfall and is certainly a mechanism we will look to utilise in the future. The level of targeting made sure we were reaching the right audience at the right time – just when they were planning their shop or about to undertake their shop. 


…. I absolutely loved the level of data supplied, it was a very thorough debrief which really build confidence in the performance of the ads…..”  

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The future can indeed be bright. Why not give us a call to find out how bright.

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